I’m going on vacation, and I’ll probably have no wi-fi, so… see you in two weeks! :)

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GET TO KNOW ME MEME -  [1/5] favorite movies: Harry Potter series (2001-2011)

It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.” 

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The object of the game is to checkmate the opponent’s King by placing it under threat of capture which cannot be avoided.

#NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER THAN PEOPLE GETTING CHESS METAPHORS RIGHT #the pawn; least powerful piece on the board— but with one wild move and if you get it to the end it can become the most powerful #the bishop; amazing range but can only move on it’s color— a piece that will surprise you #the knight; the irrational piece— hardest to predict #the rook; who guards the king— a long range piece #the king; the ultimate goal— but can’t do the work itself #the queen; the most powerful piece on the board— the only piece that doesn’t emulate it in some way is the knight

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Since the Dark Days our great nation has known only peace. Ours is an elegant system, we see to nourish and protect. Your districts are the body, the Capitol is the beating heart. Your hard work feeds us, and in return we feed and protect you. But if you resist the system you starve yourself; if you fight against it, it is you who will bleed. I know you will stand with me, with us, with all of us. Together; as one.

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   You’ve been hugged. Hug the first 10 people on your dash to keep it going! :)

thank youuu 

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Harry must have had more haircuts than the rest of the boys in his class put together, but it made no difference, his hair simply grew that way - all over the place.
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The Ladies of Game of Thrones

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